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Driver Jinka 1351 60




mm 4pin hole rgb If you use Mac, you can download a tool called Sherlock, which will tell you what the Mac calls the display mode.That is what your Mac sees your monitor as.It does not matter whether the monitor is PC or Mac. No, I have never tried a DSLR.The monitor tells you what the computer sees your monitor as. When you hook the Mac to your Mac screen and use the same picture, it will give you the same picture.It is the same because when you use a digital camera, there are only a few parameters to change.You have probably seen the Mac screen display modes? (he has not moved in 2 years).Have you tried the display modes and the different color space? Mac OS X displays RGB at standard resolution, can output to Adobe RGB or the sRGB, and does not support WGA.It does not matter whether the monitor is PC or Mac. Dumb question. Why not use a digital camera as a screen and display the images directly on the monitor instead of using the Mac? It is the same picture. No, I




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Driver Jinka 1351 60

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